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I believe Moore, unlike Al Frankin, there are photos

I believe Moore , unlike Al Frankin , there are photos .Nelson’s boy friend at the time was dating her and he never once saw Moore in the restaurant as she says he was there EVERY day . And he was never barred from the mall …..lots on accusations, with no proof!! Gloria Al read wont turn over the year book , so experts can check it for fraudulent attempt in the hand writing .But some of this same stuff happened to Donald when he was running for president . Innocent ,till proven guilty!! American’s do some sick sad things in elections to get their way.

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If you are okay with Roy Moore for Senate in spite of…

If you are okay with Roy Moore for Senate in spite of the allegations against him you are also a sick ?puppy. Even convicted felons and demented ?criminals are against those that prey on children.

If you are okay with a “Child Molester” you are in collusion with his sick, perverted acts and no better than he is.
To my friends that claim to be republican or conservatives you and support this pervert please let me know so I can unfriend you, this is against the very bedrock of what the GOP believes in, so many conservatives will not vote or even support a candidate that is pro-choice but I believe that this pervert is worst than an abortionist he took away the innocence of young women, this guy makes me SICK ?.

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Trump’s defense of Roy Moore

I don't understand why anyone would be surprised by Trump's defense of Roy Moore…. what is sickening to me is that he…

Posted by Loveann Truitt on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Attack on Senator Franken is a smokescreen

I basically like Al Franken, and although the joke photo he participated in wasn’t funny, it shows that it was taken in the presence of other people, and that he wasn’t touching Ms. Tweeden. I believe he will be vindicated, but if he’s shown to have done terrible, misogynistic things, he will have the sense to resign, unlike others, whose only response is to attack the women who have come forward to tell about their experiences. This attack on Senator Franken is a smokescreen put up by opportunists, in my opinion.

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Holidays are just around the corner

Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner? Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year… and it’s just weeks away!
For many, the rush of scoring an incredible deal is enough motivation to get up at 3AM to go shopping. So if you’re planning to hit the stores this year, first read these tips on how to make the most of your time and money, while maintaining your sanity. 🙂


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Deals for Black Friday, GameStop is in a lot of trouble

I’m getting so sick of reading press on the internet,,,, according to this article GameStop is offering the best deals for Black Friday… their games are anywhere from 5 to $10 higher than everyone else..
GameStop is in a lot of trouble, they’re shutting down almost 400 stores and as digital downloading is starting to become standard,,,, they will be out of business probably in the next 5 years…

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Great move, why should taxpayers have their tax dollar used

Great move, why should taxpayers have their tax $$$$$ used to build new facilities for a business that walks all over us who love our nation. If I had any doubts that there is much hope this is a real nightmare will go away one of these days, but when i received an email of locker room with the coach and players watching one of the players was burning the American Flag. If I had any misgivings about my commitment to not ever tune into another NFL game.


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Private jet NFL commissioner

As much as a rogue Jerry Jones is , I think he right about the $54 million , private jet NFL commissioner. Now the NFL is going political, and against tax breaks for the working people who help fund their billion dollar league. Here is the kicker- by federal law, the NFL is considered to be a nonprofit organization. The NFL is a tax mooch. Then they expect cities’ to use their tax revenues to finance building owners new stadiums like Jerry’s World. The NFL has become a tax parasite . If the NFL wants to go political and have its players disrespect the flag and America, then it’s only fair that Congress should revoke its tax exempt status.


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Just straight unbelievable

Just straight unbelievable! If that is not the actions of a bunch of leftists commies, I don’t know what is! Americans must double down and work even harder to bring down the NFL and Goodell!


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Jeff Sessions joked about his encounters

As several investigations into Russian interference into last year’s presidential election remain ongoing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions joked about his encounters with the former Russian ambassador to the U.S. Friday, at the same location in which their paths crossed over a year ago.


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Investigation on Russian interference

I honestly don’t know what to think about this. Is Trump threatening “ people will die” if the investigation on Russian interference into our elections is not stopped and us not dropping sanctions imposed on Russia , or is he afraid for himself or someone close to him. Either way it doesn’t sound good and it just makes it all the more alarming that we get to the bottom of this mess soon!


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